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  • kara

    im taking .25mg two time a day how do i taper down from my xanax i would like to go very slow so i dont have withdrawal or convulsions

    • Lpn_729

      that isnt that much at all i was taking 4mg a day so you dont have to worry about it they say it happens when  you are on alot for a long time. .25mg isnt alot at all. so…. i have been going cold turkey for a week now i havent had any but i am having panic attacks and feeling very sick in the stomach area. and i cant sleep very well if at all. good luck to you all. i will let you know if i seem to get any better

    • kara

      how are u doing are u still going cold turkey im droping .25mg every 7 days this is what my doctor told me hope u are ok when u say u are taking 4mg a day is that the bars like 2 bar a day please let me no how u are an boy its no picnic comming down!!!!!!!!!!

    • britmrsh

      Stopping cold turkey after 4mg a day is dangerous. i watched my mother almost die bc of that.. she ended up in rehab.. she was having bad withdrawal seizures.. there’s no way to just stop cold turkey taking that much and it be safe…. and  I myself would be comatose taking that much xanax in a day…. i was prescribed 1mg twice a day.. i didn’t even take THAT much.. i started off breakin the halfs in half… (.25).. i eventually got on up.. i took it for a month.. ONE MONTH.. i’ve been off it exactly one week now and its HORRIBLE..i’ve spoken to 2 drs who say that this is what’s going on with me..i feel like i should have NEVER even got on xanax.. my mom was addicted to them for YEARS.. all she did was sleep.. didn’t eat.. just slept.. was 88lbs soaking wet.. and one day she ran out of money, therefore running out of her meds… she was dr hopping to get her fix.. she didn’t abuse it at first, but towards the end it was DEFINITELY ABUSE..she ended up having withdrawal seizures and had to go to rehab.. she will be clean 12 years on december the 12th.. I’m not even sure exactly what doseage she had gotten up to… But my dr prescribed it to me 1mg twice a day.. i refused to take that bc to me its entirely too much and all xanax does when i take a lot is make me sleep.. well i started taking quarters of it and then slowly i worked my way up.. i took it for about a month and i stopped bc it made me feel unmotivated and lazy.. my mama warned me and i didn’t listen.. she said she is still messed up to this day and feels unmotivated and its been 12 years almost since she had xanax… i should have listened! I stopped taking it sunday.. so today makes 1 week since I’ve had one… but I was only on it a month.. I didn’t think I could have withdrawal symptoms after a month but 2 drs i have spoken to said yes you can.. I have been to the er 3 times lately bc i feel so horrible.. I thought I had the flu the first time i went.. my whole body was sore to the touch.. i felt like i was in the middle of a blizzard and in the middle of a desert at the same time.. i felt like my body was jerkin on the inside.. like i was sped up on the inside and slowed down on the outside.. nausa and vomitting.. fever got up to 101.4 in the ear.. upset stomach BAD.. BAD UPSET STOMACH!! and BAD bad HORRIBLE HEADACHE!!! like a POUNDING in my head.. and not only pain, but pressure.. i felt like someone had my head in a vice grip, and my neck too.. it all felt tight and squeezed… i been dizzy.. seeing blurry.. after all my research i am pretty close to positive its withdrawals goin offa what all i’ve read….

    • Ingmar54

      I take .25mg two times a day. My doctor tried to put me back on 3 times a day, but I refuse to go back to that after the withdrawal symptoms I suffered from cutting back to two. I feel bad if I go to long without the drug. I get muscle spasms, queasiness, and anxiety. They are horrible. If I get off of them, I never want to use them again.

    • concerned

      i have been taking xanax (.25mg- 3 times a day) which totals to .75 mg per day. I have been taking them daily for 3 months now, If I do not take them I feel extra anxious, do you think that could be a physical addiciton or just all in my head,I replied to your post because u seem to be similar to me as far as the dosage. i originally started taking them after a wild summer of about 60 nights of heavy drinking b/w summer and the start of law school. I was having mild alcohol withdrawals which xanax knocked out(did not tell my doctor that was the reason i needed the drug). Just was hoping for some advice before I fessed up to the dr.

    • Kat

      How long did your symptons last.  That is about the dosage I have been taking for 2 weeks and am tapering down but feeling nervous and shaky, wonder how long this will last

    • skm

      I was take 1mg a day timed released.  My Dr. cut me off after 1yr., after 4days, I thought I was going to die. I felt I was having an out of body experience, shaking, chills(hot then cold), could not sleep, couldn’t speak right, throwing up, could not eat, starting having muscle spasms. I went to a new Dr., she put me back on them, but I did not want to take them!  I want off them. She said, I had to do it slowly or I would get very sick! 

    • Kat

      How did this work for you Kate?  I have been taking .25mg 2 to 3 times a day for 2 weeks and don’t want to take it any more.  Am feeling nervous and wonder what your experience was.  Thanks


      Thats all i’ve been taken but i think it’ depends on how longyou been on it, iam trying to come off them now never took more then .25 once daily for about twoweeks and i havent had one for over a month, i feel the panic, sick on stomach, the works. please get off not a good drug. but dr. keep giving them.

    • Bacardibabe707

      I started on .25 a day and was able to stop

      With no side effects it’s only when your on
      A higher dose for a longer period of time good
      Luck god bless you can do it

  • Atakiap

    I just found out I am pregnant and I am taking 1mg a day I need to get off it now cold turkey is all I have but I am scared

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      No that is not true! I was taking 1.5 mg a day when I got pregnant and I was told to do it slowly because anything that causes stress to you and your body will cause stress to the baby.  I still had times of strong anxiety and my doctor told me to take one if I needed it because that was better than me hurting myself by being in a panic.  My baby is healthy and I did have to take the medicine while pregnant so do wean off but not cold turkey.

    • Pgbm

      I just found out I’m pregnant and been on 2mg/day for five years. I’m freaking out because my doctor told me to taper it down over the next week drastically. My body is going through withdrawls. I felt like I was having a stroke down the left side of my body tonight. Major muscle spasms, making it hard to walk. Do I allow my body to withdrawl really hard from this for the baby sake?? Or… just taper it down more slowly so I don’t end up in the hospital? 🙁

    • Summer

      Xanax is a horrible drug and some people have a hard time getting off of it.
      The withdrawls sound like xanax.

    • Worried Mother

      my 26 yr old son just shared that he has been getting treated for xanax addition.  He is being treated with liquid methadone.  He goes every morning for his treatment and has gone from 35mg of methadone to 25mg and thinks he is ready to go to 20mg. 
      My questions is “what is the difference between liquid methadone and the pill methadone?

    • Phess75

      worried mom methadone is used for opiate addiction and is gov dope! you might want to ask your son what else is going on?liquid methadone i think just last longer yet is a nightmare to get off so is suboxone.its all made to keep you hooked.good luck gb

    • gemini

      I just came of xanax 2 days ago. I feel like am going in sane. my body aces adn my head feel like am on a roller coaster. i have only been on it for 7 months.

    • kara

      did u taper down or go cold turkey i taper down by taking off 0.25 every 7 days the side a fex were not as bad it took me 1 month i was on then for 1year
      please do not go cold turkey taper down take 0.25 off every 7 days u will feel like crap at first but by week 3 its not as bad i was taking 0.5 twice aday now in down to haft of 0.25 once aday for 7 days then im done!!!!!

    • Summer

      Talk to your doctor. Get off xanax, you do not want your baby to have  withdrawels.

  • sara

    i stopped three days ago and since then my chest has been rambling its the weirdest feeling ever.

  • Pelh

    I haven’t slept in five days. I think i am going crazy. Do Not do it cold turkey

  • Treadzlightly

    I quit once and I could not sleep for five days.