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  • Erin O’Donnell

    I sincerely appreciate the information in this article, and from my experience, it is extremely accurate. While I hope I never have to experience the symptoms of withdrawal and DTs again, the CIWA-Ar is such a helpful tool for those of us who think that withdrawal happens and is no big deal. I called the ambulance on myself four months ago, my last drunk, because I started withdrawing almost immediately after a binge of gallons of vodka; I knew I was too afraid to stop and bring on the WD, and that I might not survive another drink nor the absence of one. I didn’t know that the tactile and auditory symptoms, etc., existed on a scale or had names, but I immediately identified and they were spot-on. Anyway… thank you. Thank you for working to educate people about this very real, and very scary, issue.

  • James Wilde

    Very good, and well written

  • Victoria – SpiritualRiver.com

    Preventive is better than curative. Alcohol gives long-term effects and slowly but surely will danger all organs in the human body. Ultimately, early death will come to whoever try to solve problem by drinking it too much. It’s suggested that by sending anyone who addicted to alcohol to a rehab center as soon as possible, will help his or her soul.

  • Trunk_Yank

    I would typically score between 11 and 13 on this.. I am a binge drinker every 3 to 5 days.