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    I have NAFLD but it’s not from drinking. I’ve never been much of a drinker. It’s from too much sugar. I read an article on sugar. It says sugar has the same effect on our liver as alcohol. What is alcohol made of? Sugar!!! I am a sweet tooth and also drank diet sodas for a long time. Now I have a fatty liver:( Guess genetics doesn’t help either. My dad’s side has a history of heart disease and diabetes:( You know what they say about hindsight…

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      You need to check your organic chemistry.

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      When the liver processes alcohol is converts it to sugar.

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    Genetics – code for we haven’t got a clue!

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      Too true

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      You don’t have a clue either.

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    I have a high liver test reading not sure what they mean but one was 628 and other was 68 and that one should be less than 40 . Been drinking for a good 30 years ,first ten year about 50 units a week next ten 60 to 100 , last 10 years 22.5 to 38 units a day but not every day but up to 160 units a week . Should I be dead.

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    omg no more SOOGER? FUNCH

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    I drank a lot, 3 – 4 time a week, whisky, beer, gin… sometimes I got just happy, less opportunities, got drunk, almost never seriously, but some times. This happened for years and I developed a fatty liver.

    I am a man, in my middle forties, with a coronary stent already and began suffering fatigue, mild discomfort in the liver area, changes of humour, had to visit the doctor twice for this, my transaminases regularly were high in the blood test… of course, eventually I saw what all of this was heading to, and it was black and ugly, I had to do something, and I did, and I have been doing it for 3 years.

    There is no magic formula: stop drinking, for good (hard but possible), lose weight (if you aren’t really overweighted, around a 7 to 8 % of your present weight should be more than enough), eat well (more fruit and vegetables, less meat, no pasta/pizza/bakery), exercise 4 times a week (5 is better – walk hard 45 min to one hour each session), change habits: oat meal for breakfast, no sugar (maybe honey, sometimes), less coffee, more green tea. Cut down medicines, only the prescribed ones, the only exception is milk twistle (good quality, please), follow your doctor directions, of course.

    In two months, if you are really true to yourself, you will see a big difference, in a year you will be cured if you did not have cirrhosis.

    Hardest part: liquor, hard to quit, nasty drug indeed. Best part, you become a new person, healthier, happier, thinner. Interesting part: the reaction of the people when they don’t see you drinking, you actually will win their respect, you become a reference, it is something to be seen.

    Tip: water, drink a lot, ask for it in the parties, have it at home, work, beach, pool.

    Good luck

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      Glad you are taking care of yourself John, and you are correct you have to stop and never drink again to fully heal yourself. I wish you a full recovery!