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    Are the costs really lower? I’ve heard that it can be really tough to get insurance coverage for online counseling. When I was looking over prices for my patients, it ended up being even more expensive because they were going to have to pay everything out of pocket. I think insurance companies need to be convinced that online rehab can be just as effective as clinical.

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      Cool concept David, I never thought of that aspect

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    Thanks for the article, and I know of a lot of online counseling that is free. But even though online therapy is great if you live in a very rural place, or deep in the canyon it can be very beneficial to be able to talk to someone. But at the same time it can have a few disadvantages because your not able to have that person to person interaction.

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    Internet is such a wonderful platform where a patient would get medical treatment also. Major advantages the online counseling has conceded. Insurance coverage is an issue. But overall it has some good future indeed.

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    You put really very informative post.thanks for that.

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    In the year or so that this article came out there has been a lot more progress made in online therapy. The benefits are great, as mentioned in the article. The insurance companies are now coming on board with covering online therapy. Advances are being made every day. I provide both traditional therapy and online therapy. I am now able to work with clients who reside in a more remote areas and wouldn’t be able to access services at all, in addition I have clients who may be local but won’t leave their home. Many love the convenience. I have seen great things so far in providing the option of online therapy.