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  • abigail

    what if you scored a 16? n ur not an adult?

  • Depressed In

    I really wonder at the accuracy of this assessment. I’m an adult under the care of a psychiatric team (Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Mental Health Nurses, and classes) and scored a 15. That said, I currently don’t feel suicidal though I have in the past and have to admit to the possibility of it happening again. HOWEVER, I honestly don’t feel nor consider myself suicidal at this moment. Trust me, if I did my Psych.team would have already had me forcefully admitted.
    So unless this is just a way to get people to open up and discuss this extremely important topic, I think it is better to leave the assessments to the professionals.
    Just my 2cents so feel free to take it or leave it.

  • Sarah Steele

    what if you don’t consider suicide an option but really WANT to die?

  • loki

    i just scored a 16 on the test but i feel good as of right now. hopefully everyone find there way in this world and can continue in there journey until a higher power takes them from this earth.

  • IfeelBad

    I scored an 18 and I feel like garbage