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  • Jrrosendopizza

    heyyy!! ^.^ <3

    • Scott Markley

      it’s about time Illinois jumps on the train to finally legalize it

  • CJ

    “legitimate fear of broadening access to the drug, and possibly losing control over its distribution. No one wants to see more marijuana available to those who would abuse it, and even though it does seem to offer legitimate medical efficacy, the risks of abuse make it politically problematic.”
    Wow so basically they want the money to stay with the pharmaceutcals and dont want people to plant the drug for themselves
    Plus alchol is legal and far dangerous yet people around my age, 17, and even younger go out and get drunk on a daily basis

  • Christy Mahmood

    The consequence of using marijuana depends on how you use it. If you use it in a good way, then the result would be good. But when you use it without discipline and responsibility then you may suffer in the end.

  • mytopmatchmaker

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  • William Sullivan

    Thanks for sharing these facts! Truly, the use of marijuana depends on how it will be used. Thus, the use of marijuana has its pros and cons. Discipline must always be considered.