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    I am a medical cannabis patient in Az. And started using it 2 yrs ago for chronic pain. I am also an alcoholic in recovery. Today I use it medicinally, and not as a substitute for alcohol. I had not had a drink, or any other mind altering drug in over 15 yrs. when I made the decision to use medical canabis for my chronic pain(s).
    I did however use it prior to my sobriety in all the ways described in the study. I do believe the study/ article overlooked the medicinal benefits of the plant. I have not had to use any opiates for any reason to treat my chronic pain and that is the big win for me. Opiates are extremely dangerous to a recovering addict/alcoholic so how does one treat severe and chronic pain? Well…… It turns out cannabis has been used for thousands of years ( except the last 100 or so) for all types of pain relief. And if further investigation is done one finds evidence of tumor fighting abilities, seizure control, anti inflammatory benefits, anti-biotic properties, and many more. In its raw form some scientists are finding it has other healing properties as well.
    I can see it being highly beneficial to a new person getting off alcohol or opiates. However, I think the focus for someone trying to free themselves of alcohol, or pill/powder alcohol should be complete freedom. So any cannabis substitution should be a temporary tool for withdrawal purposes and with doctors preferably. I am a member of a twelve step program and continue to attend meetings and remain active.
    That is where I found freedom from the drink.

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    any long time experienced smoker knows that marijuana keeps you off everything else. I’ve done every illicit drug you can think of, real LSD, QUAALUDES!!!!!!!, heroin, cross top speed… etc. Herb is the only thing that is good. although pure real LSD would be a good thing…

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    I used to smoke cigars once in a while and binge drank for two years 21-22. I am now 23 and smoke marijuana only along with an occasional IPA. I love it I have increased my GPA, my goals, and proven a lot of people wrong. I’m studying to become a business major and will continue to use it. I live in a state where it was recently legalized recreationally . I am going to pursue and fight politically to end the ban on Marijuana. I love it and have made healthier wiser choices because of it. I have also done as much research as I can to its health benefits in fighting numerous tumor growths and major health problems. If I ever develop cancer I will be treating it with a healthy diet and up my cannabis dosage to 400% what it is now. Anyone else reading this its just my opinion and my personal small nut shell of a story about me. To me personally my biggest concern is getting marijuana and my professional career completely separate so that I am not affected when I enter the work force. Best regards, and hello from OR E GONE!

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    great article and thanks for sharing the experiences people

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    Marijuana Maintenance is the answer for some people!

    At http://www.mmrecovery.org there is a non-judgemental community of people using cannabis as a form of recovery for their substance dependence or as a substitute from other harmful substances.

    If you would like to join the Facebook support group, click here: facebook.com/groups/ganjausers…