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    Idle hands and too many idle hours aren’t often helpful as you strive to maintain your recovery – and also, everyone needs to make a living, right?! Problematically though, addiction is rarely associated with high job performance and though you’re now in recovery and ready to do great work – the gaps in your resume can make it hard to even get in the door. In a booming economy, it might not matter, but when times are tight, getting a job in early recovery can be really tough. Here’s a list of resource agencies that specialize in helping people in recovery find work – as well as a list of tips for general job searching success.


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    Employment after recovery is difficult. I cleaned up from IV drug use and had lots of medical appointments and was under consideration by a specialist for medicinal treatment for a liver diease. I also suffered from insomnia, in which I was attempting the third doctor appointment to try and get the problem solved. Very stressful life problems. The day of my doctor appointment, Lin Larrett Heating and Cooling terminated me. Zero regard was shown to someone who needed their medical coverage for serious medical conditions. Typical of an employer to do this in my eyes. Another employer, Universal Mechanical Inc. refused to cover a job injury and told me to stay away from his company, his family, and I would be arrested if I showed back up on the job. The owner stated it would run his workers comp. up if he used it. Employers shit on an ex IV drug user, I mean they shit on them. To me, its for the purpose of “this guy isn’t getting a home, wife, new car, etc. so we have to keep him in his place beat down”. Sort of the unwritten law of society.

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      I am sorry this happened to you. That is how the United States work. We criminalize, label and stigmatize the symptoms but we never get to the root causes of the behavior. It is easy for us to laugh at the town drunk stumbling down the street with a bottle of wine in his hand and say “You’re just a drunk fool”. But little do we know that the town drunk was constantly molested by his father as a child and I don’t think any of us would laugh and say “Ha ha. You got molested as a child”.

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      You know it amazes me how stupid people are. You commented on another post about your drunken stupor in a parking lot over a boyfriend issue. You claim you were in the parking lot and therefore weren’t at fault and didn’t deserve a DUI. Honey, in my state, if the key is in your posession and you’re seated in the drivers seat you get charged with a DUI Period! They don’t look at it as actually driving but rather the potential you will drive. It’s called a deterrent by having those types of stipulations in the law. It’s people like you that are the reason we have drunks repeating their actions. You think you’re above the law. I think we need to make as many examples of people like you to prove that drinking and even getting behind the wheel won’t be tolerated. You want to waste your life drinking and doing drugs then fine but don’t casually think it’s ok to do it in public performing possible acts that could kill someone else. That’s what that affluenza teen did. He got drunk and killed 4 people on the side of the road. His response through his attorney, his parents are to blame. The boys old enough to know better if he can climb behind the wheel of a car and I personally think he should be behind bars for life! He deserves no mercy.

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    Thank you for sharing. Part of making your resume really professional is making sure it gets through resume screeners by using keywords. This tool really helped https://goo.gl/LxL24w when I was tailoring my resume.

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    I think we should kill anyone who has a predisposition towards alcohol and drug use. Weed them out like Hitler tried so we can have perfect beings like Hitler and Curtisk.

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    Start a
    blog, email all of your contacts. Write 20 things you would do to
    improve a particular company and send it to 25 different CEOs. My
    point? Network, network, network! But whatever you do, don’t search the
    job boards! It’s a waste of time and energy. :)

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    Great article!
    The best resource I found for job searching has been this jobscan.site/learnings Learning Center which walks you through every step of the process really clearly. There’s also free templates for resumes and cover letter there.