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  • Bjgouvin

    I jjust got back from the casino and lost again. went to the credit card and withdrew once, and then to the atm three times. If i had more money in the account, I would have taken that out too. I gamble at least 4 times a week. I want to stop, but the urge is very strong. HELP

    • Martin Schoel

      Please, find a GA meeting in your area and/or check yourself into a rehab program dedicated to gambling.. you may want to call the number in the header of this site to connect with a specialist who can help. All the best!

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Bjgouvin want to be a winner? Walk away from your triggers.
      You can be a winner again, just take yourself to the nearest
      gamblers anonymous meeting door and just walk in, “fake it till
      you make it”. Then you will be a real winner! I’ll have 6 yrs.
      off the bet Oct 12. Do it for yourself first, no one else.

  • Grazzhopper2004

    my name is leeann and im an addict im in another 12 fellowship and my gambling has gotten worse to the point of almost picking up drugs again. im going to check out a gamblers meeting and see if i can relate more than what i do in my own homegroup i know that im not respondsible for my diease but i am respondsible for my recovery and if i want something different i have to do something different

  • Ray

    My Name is Ray —I’m Going to Give you a Run Down of The Past 4 Days! Tuesday I Won a Total of $800.00 (Recouped I Should Say) From The Local Casino.I Was overjoyed Because I Needed The Money to Buy Clothes and To Enter Another Job.Also My Small Envestments on The Stock Exchange were Down That Amount.Weds. I Was able To Stay Away After all I Recovered My Envestment Losses and Was Happy and Actually Wanted To Stop Since I Had Quit Last September!YThursday I Went back and Forth perhaps 6 0r 7 times to The Casino Taking Cash $100 at a time after loseing each Time!Friday Ihad L.ost another $300.00 From The Same Casino Taking more money with me and of course less trips(no credit cards)Today Saturday I Started at 10am and am just getting home—THE TIME IS 10:45 PM–from a different casino.iactually won $800.00 and $400 on the 5 of a kind machine! Iwas actually up again about (recouping) $500.00 at one point and finished the night or day or both! with a $400.00 Loss THE FEELING IS SUICIDE!!!!!!! How Should I End It all??? PILLS-MY PRECRIPTIONS–HELP!!!!!

  • Oiseau Mm

    My name is natasha i’ve been gambling now for about 6 years love it when i win but every single fucking time i win more then half if not all the winnings usually go back to the machine! I’m only happy after all my money is gone!!! I’ve landed in the hospital once because of a suicide attempt due to my gambling i haven’t had a boyfriend in years – my 2 sisters rather keep their distance from me because in the past i’ve done nothing but ask them for money to run to a machine AND NOW I’M GOING TO STOP GAMBLING I’M FINALLY GOING TO WIN BY STOPPING . TODAY IS DAY 2 of.not gambling. Recovery is a bitch but my life cannot continue this way. I hear stories of the ex-gamblers in GA who have stopped gambling they seem so with it and happy (yes, happy) to not be gambling anymore my goal is to be a regular walking being who doesn’t have the thought of just gambling

    • Sargentckm

      Hi Natasha, I am in my 4th week also and want to thank you for you honesty.
      Its so hard, but the benefits are much greater than what we have reeped for years.
      I’d like to support you in recovery. My name is Dorothy

    • Laura Yoder

      I sit hear weeping because I have spent so much money and I’ve hurt my family so bad. My husband and 2 boys. I keep going back to the casino and can’t stop myself. I’ll tell myself I won’t stay long, I won’t take money from the bank but I do. I’ve spent over $10,000 in the last month! I’m tearing my family apart and I feel like dying. Someone please talk to me!!


    • free77

      i truley undertand i can relate i have loss over 20k in 30 days chasing losses and over 50k since january 1st 2014 i could die right now because ive exhausted all my life lines and i’m in a rental car with lil gas and ive not eaten in two days im so strung out on gambling i dont know which way is up im getting married aug 2nd and ive just shared and accepted i have a gambling problem i thought i had it under control my wife is standing by myside when friends are applauding and taunting me upon my decline im a strong minded fool from thinking i would get rich off the casino i was trying to win money i already had yesturday at church i asked for deliverance and i had hands put on me from the saints i really feel god is going to relieve me from this addiction saturday when i dropped my last 7k in 4hours of gambling was the straw that broke my back i can keep going on and on but i rather not

    • LD

      im in the same boat ,, I win or recoup and give it all back. Ive begg and borrowed..too much.Today I actually signed the papers to stay out of the casino.. My husband is thoroughly disgusted and has become verbally abusive to me. I have also felt quite desperate at times,, but i never attempted suicide… I went today and blew my entire paycheck and the overdraft in my checking..it will be hard to recover from todays loss.. Im need help. Gambling was fun ad something I did for leisure, but admittly so, it has become an addiction and my husband is refusing to relate and recognize its an addiction due to the money losses.. i wish he would understand,, then maybe he could help me recover as well

  • elmatador

    wow helo fellow gamblers i just came from the casino i lost about 900 playing poker felt realy bad. I lost count of how much i lost since i started gambling i think its now over 10k. I feel bad and simply think and think why why do i keep gambling. I do not know i been reading some GA forums and they say it could be because of low self esteem, gambling makes you dream what if i hit the jack pot and all the shit i will seek help attend meeting and read books i am only 25 and just in the last couple of months i easylly lost over 11k. Well good luck to u all wish you the best and hope all can overcome gambling