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    I used Ambien for 20 years. And I thank the Lord it came about when I needed it the most. With the CPAP and Ambien I got the sleep I needed to make it to retirement. After retirement, I kept on using it, but finally ran out I said lets stop. Have been off three weeks. Funny, I feel loggy a lot of times, put my head on the pillow and fall asleep, and at night I have a cocktail and have to run to bed before I fall asleep. Still wondering what will happen next. I never got a high with it. My two cents.

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    I’ve been taking Ambien 12.5 mg every night for 5 years. Assuming this is the highest dose available, I’ve never gotten high from it, nor did I know one could. My reason for taking it was to address post menopausal insomnia. Three weeks ago I decided I wanted to stop taking it and find natural alternatives as needed, once I allow my brain to get back to it’s natural state. I wasn’t aware of the need to taper down, so just quit taking the Ambien without any bridge methods. After reading this I’m happy to say I haven’t experienced any of the possible symptoms mentioned above.

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    Well, I had been taking Ambien for quite some time (maybe 6 or 7 years, on and off). I weaned off the 10mg to 5mg over a course of a month, and then decided it was time to get off of it. I think it helped that I’m taking a low dose of Paxil at night for anxiety anyway (20mg), so I was able to eliminate any anxiety problems that I had when trying before. I took a Benedryl for a few nights and slept lightly for a those few first nights, but was prepared to sleep lightly. There was none of the panic over “It’s 3am and I’ve not been to sleep yet”, at all.

    Weaning off of my Paxil now, which my doctor said I could do anytime I want. Sleep is going well. I think the benzo idea will work, but benzos can be addictive, too.

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    I had to take ambien to stop thwarted bad thoughts of guilt and stress at night after a miscarriage. I always had depression issues and anxiety and I became addicted to opiates because they gave me the courage to speak to people and express myself but luckily ive been clean for almost 4 years. I was self medicating and lost a lot because I was to afraid to talk to a doctor about depression. I now fear I may be addicted to ambien since I took it and couldn’t sleep yet wondered around and have little memory of what I did. I also wake up at 2am and cant sleep for a few hours so my doc Sid to take a half if I wake up yet the pharmacist only gave me my old dose so I been to run out and they Sid to have my doctor call them an they must’ve told home I we addicted because he said to just take my anti anxiety meds to sleep but after finally finding ambien as the only thing to help me fall asleep and it working for 5 years I think it was unprofessional and if they think im addicted after reading this they were being judgmental and should wean me off! I only have the tired during the day and cant sleep at night withdrawal symptoms so I hope I find a sleep alternative!

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    I thought this was very well written and helpful. I have been using ambien for 8 years, working up to 20 mg dose. I have tapered to 4mg and experienced almost all these withdrawal symptoms. anyone who thinks you weren’t high should stay conscious while the drug takes effect.