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  • Shaun Thompson

    Only one method is required to KILL panic attacks, see Panic attackes are similar to getting ready to enter a boxing ring! before it happens you get anxious, and then when the bell rings and you stop hearing what is going on in the crowd, you focus on the fight and nothing else is relevent, so here is what to do, When the attck starts you seriously and simply invite the attack in, you bate it, call it ask it for more, COME ON IS THAT YOUR BEST SHOT, SURELY NOT, CMOOOOOONNN LETS HAVE SOME MORE. This empowers you, the panic attack often dies in it’s tracks, and the more you challenge it, the more you become the one with the gun. SIMPLES eh, PPPWWWWWT

  • Springdale Clinic

    Helpful article. Get sufficient amount of sleep, join in a group you can share your feelings and can be educated from others and can get tips and techniques to overcome your fear and anxiety.